Church  School

Our Sunday School curriculum encourages members to continue to seek God by reading and studying the Bible for continued growth in their spiritual walk.


The materials used help shape our spiritual beliefs with deeper teachings of the Bible.  We use materials provided by Urban Ministries, Inc.



Dorcas Circle

Our Christian women continue to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ.  They continue to seek God through their services and community involvement.



Health & Wellness Ministry 

Our health care professionals offer on-going programs as well as special health events.  We seek to promote wellness of body, mind and spirit in the people of our community.



Mission & Outreach Ministry

Our Mission Ministry promotes and encourages the support of foreign and local missionaries.
Music & Worship Arts Ministry 
Our music ministry glorifies God.  Through songs, we worship, we give thanks, we ask for blessings, we renew our faith and we express joy.
 Ushers, Nurses and Greeters Ministry 
Our ushers meet and greet everyone with a smile and a warm welcome.  We provide direction and order to every worship service allowing everyone who comes to experience God in a wonderful way with limited distractions.
Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry provides support to women who are united and committed to deepening their relationship with Christ through prayer and the study of the Bible.